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  • Endurance Double Tap Energy Gel Caffeine

    Double Tap contains 2 servings per packet. Endurance Tap with caffeine has the same great taste and high-quality ingredients you know and love, with the addition of 35mg of caffeine from green coffee bean extract!

    Key Benefits:

    • 100 calories, derived from natural, high-quality ingredients (Canadian maple syrup, Canadian sea salt and ginger).
    • 35 mg of caffeine from green coffee bean extract.
    • Easy to digest: our proprietary formula contains just the right amount of ginger to help aid digestion and prevent stomach upset
    • 50 mg of sodium + all the minerals and antioxidants you need to perform at your best
    • Even energy release: avoid the blood sugar spikes experienced with maltodextrin-based gels 
    • Highly water-soluble, so no need to wash it down with water
    • We use a resealable cap, so you can decide how much you take and how often (our suggestion is every 20-45 minutes).
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