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    With a new screen and your soundtrack, your fitness journey looks and sounds, better than ever. Borrowing the bright and colourful AMOLED touchscreen from the 265, the Forerunner 165 makes your workouts shine. In another 100-series first, the 165 has wrist-based running power and dynamics. From training days to rest days, Garmin helps you train smarter. Each morning your 165 greets you with a personalized morning report. The report summarizes sleep quality, recovery level, and training effect, you even get a daily workout suggestion. Suggested workouts and adaptive training plans grow with you. Onboard sensors tell you more about how you train; GPS provides speed and distance information, while heart rate and movement data come right off your wrist. Good music can make the difference between a regular training session, or one that leaves you smiling. When paired with your phone, your Forerunner can stream tunes to your Bluetooth headphones. And if you want to leave your phone on the sidelines… or at home, you can store up to 500 songs right on your watch. Garmin’s free Connect app lets you review activities, receive texts, social media alerts, emails, etc., download training plans, and more.

    • AMOLED colour touchscreen has deep blacks and vibrant colours making it crisp, clear, and easy to read in any light
    • Intuitive widgets display needed metrics
    • 25+ activity modes, including: hiking, biking, running – with VO2 max, HIIT (AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata and more), walking, swimming (indoor and outdoor), strength training – with rep counter, yoga, Pilates, pickleball, and more
    • Running dynamics: running power, cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation, vertical ratio and ground contact time
    • Training effect summarizes how your previous workout contributes to your fitness goals and displays its primary benefit (anaerobic/aerobic)
    • Garmin Coach personalized training plans: 5k, 10k, or just train smarter
    • PacePro™, set your course and desired pace, then compare it to your distance splits, the Forerunner compares your needed pace vs your goal pace for each split and for the course
    • Stream music via a paired phone using Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music. Or, download playlists and podcasts, you can even drag and drop MP3s
    • Playlists synced from streaming services update when in range of Wi-Fi
    • Elevate™ 4.0 optical heart rate monitor has improved accuracy, more sensors for precise Pulse Ox data, and works while swimming
    • Heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring is a great tool to predict recovery and how your body is responding to your training
    • Recovery time lets you know how many hours, or days, you should take off, before your next big workout
    • Morning report summarizes sleep quality, recovery level, body battery, weather and more
    • Body Battery™ tracks daily energy levels to aid training
    • Fitness age takes your activity level and heart rate into account to let you know if you are performance matches your age
    • Respiration tracking counts breaths per minute asleep, awake, during yoga or in a breathwork exercise
    • Garmin Pay™ contact-less payment (if supported by your bank)
    • LiveTrack™ during activities (through a connected phone) allows you to share your location and fitness data
    • If you feel unsafe, assistance mode sends out a LiveTrack link letting your contacts know where you are
    • Multi-GNSS signal reception supports: GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite constellations, providing a faster and more accurate positioning and elevation data
    • Menstrual tracking logs physical and emotional symptoms to aid training and nutrition during phases of your cycle
    • 24/7 activity tracking learns your activity level and guides you towards a more active lifestyle
    • Sleep tracking both at night and while napping, monitoring total sleep time, periods of movement, and restful sleep, even offering insights for improving your sleep
    • Connects with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, from foot pods, to speed and cadence pods, to Varia lights and radar
    • Rechargeable battery: 7 hours with GPS and music, 19 hours in GPS mode or up to 11 days in smartwatch mode
    • Internal accelerometer and other sensors track your steps, floors climbed and more, so you know when you hit your daily goals
    • In the box: Forerunner 165 Music, charging cable and documentation
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